Forget about prioritizing tasks

Feb 19

Do you set priorities for your tasks? If so, then you are probably familiar with the dilemma, what task to choose next if there are more with equal priority. You can do it like me, do not set any priorities!

I no more set any priorities, because they never worked for me. Just setting them takes you valuable time that you could have spent on a task. If my to-do list is not too long, I go through it and choose the task that is most suitable for my current state of mind. You may be more productive for task A right now and less productive for task B, while this condition may completely change 10 minutes later. What task to work out next will tell you your intuition. At least for me this method proved to work efficiently.

In case your list is too long, you may be desperate about going through whole list and picking one task. In this case, simply start from the top and complete task by task approaching the bottom of your to-do list. Just like a queue.

If you do not want to give up using priorities, you do not have to. Apply the above techniques to the particular priority levels, as if they were separate to-do lists.

My last argument against priorities. They won’t save you time, because you will finally end up spending the same amount of time with your tasks, whether priorities are set or not. Think about it.

Do you have a different opinion on priorities? Do they help you? Share your experience by posting a comment below.

Web lover, developer, freelancer. Founder of Unlazify. I believe in the strong power of karma. One of my life mottos is “do not fear of failure, fear of inaction”.

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